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D&D 4th Edition Wizard Spells

Here is a collection of 4th edition wizard spells. New spells that are leaked will be updated to this list. Mirror Image Wizard Utility 10 Three duplicate images of you appear, imitating your actions perfectly and confusing your enemies. Daily * Arcane, Illusion Minor Action Personal Effect: Three duplicate images of yourself appear in your […]

D&D 4th Edition Monsters

Here is a list of all the monsters we know about in D&D 4th Edition. New monsters will be added as they become available. Human Guard; Level 1 Soldier Medium Natural Humanoid XP 100 Initiative +4 Senses Perception +5 HP 31; Bloodied 15 AC 16, Fortitude 14, Reflex 13, Will 12 Speed 5 M Halberd […]

Massive D&D 4th Edition Update

New Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition Character Sheets released from WOTC Corrin Halfling Paladin Erasis Human Cleric Kathra Dwarf Fighter Riardon Eladrin Ranger Skamos Tiefling Wizard Tira Half-Elf Warlock Players Guide to 4E Quick Play Rules.doc Raiders Oakhurst v1.doc Second Son Adventure.pdf New 4e Magic Items: The list below is broken up into the following: […]