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Excel Spreadsheet + PHB2 Update = W00t!

The members on our forums have been hard at work updating the excel spreadsheet with the newest PHB 2 information. Check out the most recent version here. These updates include adding the Bard, Sorcerer, Avenger, Invoker, Warden, Druid, Barbarian, and Shaman classes and the Gnome, Shifter, Goliath, Half-Orc, and Deva races.

Phb 2 Has Been Released!

Phb 2 has been released! Click on the image below to get a copy 40% off! Player’s Handbook 2 expands the range of options available to D&D players with new classes, races, powers and other material. This book builds on the array of classes and races presented in the first Player’s Handbook, adding both old […]

Players Handbook II 4th Edition Contest!

In celebration of the Players Handbook II release for D&D 4th edition, we will be giving away a Players Handbook II 4th edition book. Here’s how you enter:

Dungeon Delve Released!

Dungeon Delve has been released! Dungeon Delve is designed for groups looking for an exciting night of monster-slaying without the prep time. It contains dozens of self-contained easy-to-run mini-dungeons, or “delves,” each one crafted for a few hours of game-play. The book includes delves for 1st- to 30th-level characters, and features dozens of iconic monsters […]