D&D 4th Edition Is Finally Here!

D&D 4th Edition is finally here! Rejoice!
You can find a great deal of 40% off all 3 core books, plus free shipping here.
You can also check out all the nifty 4th edition products coming out here.

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Ahh, one wishes to have money to get the 4th edition core; or even pre-order it but alas, i’ll wait for SRD.

Nah, kidding, will soon order. Roleplayers around the world, enjoy the 4th. edition of dnd ^o^

Already got 1/3. XD

Monster Manual came yesterday. WORST one to get first. My friend got his DM guide today but I got nothing. =( Still, should come tomorrow. >.

HURRAY!!!! 4th Edition! is there any news about when Insider’s applications are released?

Finally got around to ordering, *sits next to the letter box* now, anyone for cards?

I kinda think the DMG is the worst one Kaoleen. Other than an exp caluculation chart, there is absolutely no reason to keep it around. All the info must be in the PHP now?

Alot of the information in the DMG isn’t pertaining to actually running the game, it’s more a guide (funny, that…) on how to run a game smoothly.

I like it for the fact that there’s no real reason for players to even look inside the DMG any more.

We’ve been waiting for 4th edition for ever, and now its here!?

A big thank you to WotC!

Where can I download the 4.0 character sheet PDF’s?

Really looking forward to it! My campaign is considering that we may keep 3.5 (what we currently play) and replace some of it with the cooler stuff in version 4.0, if it’s better, and web can modify it to fit.

Sounds cool, I’m going to check out the books!


The game is very cool. I do wish they didn’t refer to it as RULES though. I prefer Guidelines and such. I know it helps but still, old school is and was so much better.
It’s great to see the random dungeon experience there too. It went away in one of the editions and that was a dissapointment. Glad to know they kept it here. Now if we can just get the new generation of kids playing it more and pull them away from the computer games. Now that would be great.

Man they made these book with the cheapest smearable ink!

About the new rules…

Positive: Like the simplification, like the speed up of game flow.

Negatives: They seems to have not only fixed what was broken but also what wasn’t…

Halflings became gnomes and gnomes became monsters! I mean the new Halfling isn’t a hobbit, it’s a gnome, slender with shoes, why not just make gnomes players and call Halflings monsters? Still doesn’t make sense to me.

Paladins can’t detect evil, oh give me a break, they have been able to do that since 1st edition without any games being ruined. There were half-a-dozen ways to disguise or conceal the real alignment…DM always had a way around it.

Holy Avengers are now any weapon, Com’on…they were swords of legend and always should be!

Minions, They should have some weight, I mean there should be a major battle to defeat the big guy, why have anyone. I liked beholders and Dragons being masterminds behind the scenes, now minions are worthless and they’re back in caves.

I can’t help but think that these rules were put in place for a bunch of video gaming RPGers that couldn’t handle a complicated plot beyond hitting the ABCXYZ keys in the right combination.

Mark my words, WoC had a derail with these rules just to get us all to buy 4.5 rules that will bring back what I just mentioned…