4th Edition Warlord and Paragon Paths

Wizards recently released a bunch of information on the Warlord and Paragon Paths including much we had not seen before. This information has been added to the Pre-Players Handbook.

Check out the warlord here and the paragon paths here.

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The more I am reading, the less and less I like the Warlord. I don’t think that it necessarily fits into a small party game. Mass combat sure. I think I would have liked to see one of the other standard classes return.

I think the Warlord is a good class. A that uses mental abilities without the code of conduct of a divine character. It is like a martial bard!

I agree with Tony, I think the warlord is more of a large army commander then a small group leader.

I think that the warlock could work great in a large scale battle … but i also think he will be awesome in a group of as little as 4 … I hope one of my group members plays as one : )

LOL on the last comment i meant warlord not warlock : )

I see what you guys are saying, but most of the Heroic tier powers only effect 1 or 2 allies, thereby making a WL viable for small groups. Once you get up to Epic level, maybe you could lead a whole army, or so.

Greg’s right, my current party’s gotta tactical warlord in it, and combining it with a rogue and a defender such as a paladin makes flanking, and thus damage dealing, a cakewalk!

Me and my brother play alone and he is a dragonborn warlord, and I am a half-elf ranger and I find that I have to give my brother kills because he never hits anything, maybe he will get better when he levels up some more.

lol im a dragon born warlord

The character of a dragonborn warlord is decent and powerful in and of itself, but unfortunately it ended up that my friends decide to campaign following 3.5e rules instead of v4 and thus the warlord is rendered almost useless, especially when over half the party is a rogue. (3 rogues, 1 pally and myself) No one likes the dragonborn, some of the powers get ignored and a bunch of archers will kill him from a distance while the half-elf and elf rogues laugh as you die >=[

aside from that, he is pretty damn cool, he beasts in a good martial combat situation.

I’m thinking about making a dragon born warlord, but I’m also thinking about making a fighter or a mage sword, I’m very new to the game, what do u guys think?

I am a Dragon Born Warlord in a group of 3 (one rogue and one wizard). We’ve done pretty good so far.

I’ve leaned heavily on my strenth and charisma. The dragon born helps in those areas. I usually fight close to the rogue so we get lots of opportunity strikes and such using the warlords powers.

I like it pretty good so far