Character Sheets Version 22!

Elricz, Score, Tar, Aielman, Harknail and many others have helped to create version 22 of the D&D 4th edition excel character spread sheet. Check out the new version here!


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Hey just wanted to let you know that on the Lists sheet, the entries for the Martial Powers and Players Handbook 2 are reversed (PHB2 points to Filters!G20 when it should point to G21, and vice versa for MP).

I’m glad that you added the new classes/races. But some of the values seem to be messed up and won’t calculate AC and Will values. I think.

Any chance of getting items, powers, paths etc… added from the mongoose publishing books in future updates?

This sheet is great! Thanks to all who work on it. I have a request – would you be able to incorporate the warlock powers/paths/feats from the Dragon #366 “Wish Upon A Star” article? That would save me from typing them in by hand every time this sheet is updated. Thanks!