Dave Arneson

**RE-UPDATE** Dave Arneson, the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, has officially passed away. Dave created the first campaign called Blackmoor and later worked with Gygax to create the original Dungeons and Dragons.

Here is a message directly from Dave’s family:

“Shortly after 11pm on Tuesday, April 7th, Dave Arneson passed away. He was comfortable and with family at the time and his passing was peaceful.

The Arneson family would like to thank everyone for their support over the last few days, and for the support the entire community has shown Dave over the years.

We are in the process of making final arrangements and will provide additional details as we work them out. We will continue to receive cards and letters in Dave’s honor. We are planning to hold a public visitation so that anyone wishing to say their goodbye in person has the opportunity to do so.

Cards and letters can continue to be sent:
Dave Arneson
1043 Grand Avenue
Box #257
St. Paul, MN

Visitation will be on April 20th
Time: yet to be determined
Bradshaw Funeral Home
687 Snelling Avenue South
St. Paul, MN 55105″

For more information on Dave Arneson please visit his Wikipedia  

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Very sad.

Dave is actually in hospice, and hasn’t passed on quite yet, Think good thoughts for him and his family.

“The Escapist has learned that reports of D&D co-creator Dave Arneson’s death were incorrect.

He is, in fact, alive and being cared for in a hospice. James Maliszewski at Grognardia says: “I am both glad to hear that Dave is not dead, as I was led to believe, and rather mortified at my having posted this information before it had been confirmed by a second source. I had no reason to doubt my original source, given his close proximity to Dave, but apparently I should have.”


Very sorry to hear that. An era is just over with this passing. Rest in peace, great father of D&D.

This news is inaccurate. As of yesterday afternoon, he had not past away.

So sorry, sincerely. May he be in total bliss, and thrive also in upper planes.

Very sad indeed to see another founding father of DnD in such circumstance.

Thoughts and prayers with him and his family.


John Kovalic of Dork Tower has stated that last night he has passed.

It always kind of annoyed me that everyone knew who Gary Gygax was, but couldn’t remember (or even knew of) the ‘other guy’ who was responsible for D&D.

I think that things have changed a great deal. I think that in large part, those who know of Gary also know if Dave.

Sorry to here about the father of D&D. I like the game it is very fun and enjoyable.

I’m A DND plaer from the time advance DnD came out then the 3.5 came out to now with the 4.0