D&D 4th Edition Contest Wrap-Up

In celebration of D&D 4th edition, for the last 4 months we have been giving away D&D 4th edition prizes to one winner a month. Congratulations to Eyebe for winning the final July contest and getting his or her choice of any book listed on our 4th edition products page.

Thanks to everyone who played and posted their top 5 favorite things about 4e, their best D&D experience, or corrupted any wishes. Also thanks to those who linked to dnd4 from their websites, facebook, or gleemax signatures. Congratulations to all our winners and stay tuned for more D&D 4th edition contests in the future!

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I went off dnd for awhile, a fiend recently bought the 4th ed box set and keep on the shadow fell module (hes a noob) I read through some stuff when I got KO’d from poker night (early) I fell in love again and have been DM’ing the module ! Its awesome they really cracked it this time….Ahhhh remeber the days of thaco LOL!!!!!!!!!