D&D 4th Edition Printable Markers

Rob G. has come up with some great markers that, when printed and cut, can make any D&D game easier to keep track of. Check them out!

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Beautiful Work!

Are they meant to be placed under a standard D&D Miniature figure (1 inch square) or double square (Large) creature or placed on a players character sheet?

These markers are awesome! Thank you so much for making them up and posting them. Any chance of Cleric markers?

Thanks again. I can hardly wait to show the guys this on Sunday.


I don’t think I actually use them (but that just because that I don’t have players anymore). It’s a great idea. I gonna have a couple of them, just in case.

My DnD group uses the plastic bottle rings to do the marking stuff because they come in a variety of colors and fit over most of the minis.

Thanks so much for doing this. They look great. I have just one problem. I cannot get my printer to print these at the original size. I’m just a bonehead like that. Is there anyway these can be converted to legal size??? Thanks for your consideration – Dwayne

Our group uses these and are happy except:
It would be great if the Ranger & Warlock markers didn’t say “Marked” since for instance, Warlocks should say “Cursed”.

Cleric markers would be great.


Great job! I have been using these in my game for awhile. I was just wondering if there was any chance of getting markers for the new classes.

Having access to graphics software, my immediate response to the whole status tracking issue was to design a printable paper version that I then laminated. I went through a few different concepts as they have a big disadvantage when you need to stack multiple effects.

I’m really happy with my current design and it seems to be working really well. The trick was to have each token be slightly smaller than the 1″ tile and have a tab that extends out past the central square.

Probably easier to understand if you look at cover of the pdf:


For my own game I do custom markers for each of the powers as well, showing duration as well as the owner and the power name. Not managed to get them into a distributable form yet though.