D&D 5th Edition, Robert J. Schwalb Interview

What, in your opinion, are some of the characteristics of D&D 5, that make it better, than the previous editions?

Robert: I think it’s super flexible in character concept and creation. It is a story-driven game and it has faster combats, those are the big ones. There are other things, I’m sure, but those are the ones that spring to mind immediately.

What, is a favorite new aspect that D&D 5 presents?

Robert: I don’t think it’s a new thing rather than it’s the embrace of the old. I like the fact that, what I’m most proud of is we were able to bring back the heart of D&D and put it right back where it belongs. As far as all the wahoo weirdness and also the, the multiverse and the, and the great wheel and the fact that Greyhawk gods are back in the book, makes me so happy.

What, are you excited to present in this edition? What did you personally, create that, you’re excited to see?

Robert: So, as a member of the design team, I worked on everything, my fingerprint’s on every part of the book, so there isn’t really any one part, because what I did, someone else would follow up and do work on and then it would come back to me, so… I’m just kind’ve spread throughout. I did a lot of work on spells, I did a lot of work on magic items, and I helped out a lot on the Dungeon Master’s Guide, brought a lot of the story content to Monster Manual, so I just feel like, I own a quarter of this game but I’m everywhere.

Was there a favorite thing you worked on?

Robert: The fact that we were able to get all the races that I wanted in from the start, we, we in fact have the tiefling and the dragonborn, we have the drow, available in the Player’s Handbook that meant a lot, to me, it was one of my goals to try to hit, get every race that’s ever been in a Player’s Handbook to be in the Player’s Handbook 1 to be in the core book.and we managed to do that.

What other games are you playing?

Robert: I am playing a super-secret game…

A super-secret game?

Robert: You need to check my website at http://www.robertjschwalb.com/ some time in October there is a Schwalb Entertainment, which is my new company, is announcing a new game at, Geek Media Expo in Ashville.

Check out more of the event at http://www.dragoncon.org

The Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition handbook discussed in the interview  here

dnd5th players handbook

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