Demon Queen’s Enclave and Manual of the Planes Released!

Demon Queen’s Enclave and Manual of the Planes have been released! The Demon Queen’s Enclave Manual is a D&D adventure were heros must unravel the plots of the vile minions of Lolth, the infamous Demon Queen of Spiders. The adventure is designed to take characters from 14th to 17th level. The Manual of the Planes explores the many planes introduced in the 4th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide. You can order either by clicking on the images below.

queen.jpg martial.jpg

One of our new female players recently picked up Confessions of a Part-time Sorceress. The book’s “story” is in 3.5 edition rules, but all the important information like roleplaying, dice, shopping, ect are well covered. After skimming through it’s pages, it looks like a very good, and very funny book. I’d recommend it to any new player who’s interested in playing D&D and wants an entertaining yet informative read. You can order it by clicking on the image below.


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