Excel Spreadsheet Updated!


Elricz, Crysun, Harknail, _score and other members on our forums have been hard at work updating the excel spreadsheet with the newest Arcane Power information. Check out the most recent version here.

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I do not think the Paragon Paths from Arcane Power were added to the Interactive Character Sheet.

The link has a typo. It should read – /open4e/character_Sheet_23.8.4.zip

but reads – /open4e/Character_Sheet_23.8.4.zip

It gave my Firefox a fit. (404 error)

I’ll look over the new sheet, but you have yet to disappoint me.

You guys are cool. I want you take all your knowledge and intel to turbine and ask them to incorporate it on the MMORPG D&D. It is much more fun to interact online than it is in person. The future of D&D is online.

Hey, just wanted to say great thing you are doing, and also, could you add Heroes of the Feywild to the DnD 4e sheet, since currently it isn’t possible to play a pixie or a satyr. Thanks in advance!! =D

What Ana said. I’m trying to put my pixie info in and it’s a struggle. I love this sheet.

This is a great spreadsheet. I am pretty good with Excel but this is top notch. Every time I play I look through a different background spreadsheets and try and reverse engineer the logic. It is just well done.