D&D 4th Edition Initiative and Status Cards

Rob G. has again come up with some D&D 4th edition printable material. This time in the form of version 2 of his and status (two files) and initiative cards. Also props to Tintagel for the use of the template.

D&D 4th Edition Initiative cards D&D D&D 4th Edition Status cards

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Great idea. This will come in handy! Thanks

Typo on “Initiative 10.jpg”

“were” should be written as “where”.

These are really nice looking, but the misuse of your vs. you’re is kind of irritating. Card 2 says “Your not the first…” instead of “You’re not the first…” and Card 7 says “You’re wait is not much longer” instead of “Your wait is not much longer.”

u like the card style, nice work

Very pretty cards, and I can see the use, but like Aaron mentioned, the typos are distracting from their awesomeness. I’m listing them here so you can get them all fixed in one fell swoop, and also so your mailbox doesn’t get flooded with redundant corrections.

Please don’t take this as petty criticism or nit-picking; this is an attempt to make a good product better

Deafened: “you’re ears” -> “your ears”
Immobilized: “you’re space” -> “your space” (and the ‘ after space should be a ,)
Immobilized: “wieght” -> “weight”
Petrified: “you’re surroundings” -> “your surroundings”
Prone: “you’re fly speed” -> “your fly speed”
Prone: “with out” -> “without”
Restrained: “over whelming” -> “overwhelming”
Slowed: “You’re speed becomes” -> “Your speed becomes”
Slowed: “all you’re movement modes” -> “all your movement modes”
slowed: “increase you’re speed” -> “increase your speed”
Stunned: “hits you the you are” -> “hits you that you are”
Surprised: “other then free actions” -> “other than free actions”
Surprised: “comming” -> “coming”
Weakened: “You’re attack deals” -> “Your attacks deal”
Weakened: “On going” -> “Ongoing”

Init 1: “Your Intitiative” -> “Your Initiative”
Init 2: “Your not the first” -> “You’re not the first”
Init 5: “just were you” -> “just where you”
Init 7: “You’re wait” -> “Your wait”
Init 7: “Who know” -> “Who knows”
Init 10: “This is were” -> “This is where”

there are a number of misspellings. I love the cards, but some of my players will flay me alive if I hand them a surprised card and they see the word coming spelled with 2 Ms…There are others if you want the list, let me know.

Yes my spelling leaves quite a bit to be desired. I had not much time to complete those cards before a game, so my apologies. Thank You Khime for the corrections. I should have the completions done quickly as well as new markers for color and black and white. If there are any other errors do not hesitate to let me know. I will fix them.


These cards are nice, what I am really looking to see added would be a set of ongoing damage cards, maybe with a space for a # and the types, radiant, fire, generic, necrotic, etc.

Thanks, Rob. I’m looking forward to the corrected versions. These cards really are excellent and I can’t wait to use them in my games.

Were these made in Magic Set Editor? If so, can someone post the .mse-set files?

These are beautiful. Nice work.

Some blank templates would be nice (for making your own unique effects, such as specific diseases).

What is the font used for the Name at the top of each card?

Great job. Thanks

Is there a way to get the MSE files for these? I like what you have done but would like to take it a step further and make something similar to the tent condition markers on Dragon Avenue.
Namely have it say on one side the effects to you and on the other say how the effect impacts attacking you.

Hello folks. This is Tintagel – the original artist. These cards were made with my 4E powercard template. I’m selling the template on my website at: http://educatedgamer.net/powercards.htm The templates include all of the PHB classes and races, plus the FRPG classes and races. I just finished the PHB2 classes and races too, which I will email you with purchase. I can also supply my PSD files to customers upon request. The cost is 9.99 – the same price as a Single class from WOTC. Thanks for the compliments, and I appreciate your support!

The second condition card set has an issue. Each time I try to open it up I get a pop up that reads:

“This file is damaged and can not be repaired”

Can this be fixed?

So I take it the PDFs were never corrected.. :(?