Players Handbook II 4th Edition Contest!

In celebration of the Players Handbook II release for D&D 4th edition, we will be giving away a Players Handbook II 4th edition book.
Here’s how you enter:

1) Vote for your 4 most desired 4th edition books

Step 1 – Vote for your 4 most desired 4th edition books
If you don’t already have one, create an account on our forums and vote for the 4 books you most desire in 4th edition to this thread. After you’ve voted, make a post in the same thread explaining why you voted for the books you did.

Step 2 – Make sure the e-mail in your account is accurate
After you’ve voted and posted as instructed above make sure that the e-mail detailed in your account profile is accurate.

2) Check back here see if you’ve won!

We will announce the randomly selected winner 4-30-09! If you win, send us an e-mail within 14 days to claim your prize!

Here is some legal information about the contest.

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I was hoping to purchase Players handbook II this month, however I ran into some unexpected debt. I do own martial power so the arcane power book would be a nice edition. the dungeon delve book would grant me some relief of not having to come up with my own adventures. Monster manual II and Dungeon Master guide II are a must have IF one invests in the players Handbook II.

Im broke as hobo (jus a little bit over overdoing it there) I really want to win. Right now Im having to use the playtest Bard. I NEED THAT BOOK. but if I dont win it im not going to pitch a fit. Its not like its my life dream or anything.

I’m pretty excited about these new books. A lot of people have complained about the change to 4e, but I like that characters in the heroic tier aren’t completely usless… I’m also exited to learn more about some of these new classes of heroes like the Avenger class…

completely excited about all of them.. maybe i can find a luck blade or a stone of luck so i can win this awesome prize!!

Great Prize! I’m a fan of wizards and Sorceres so, im looking forwards for Arcane powers, but i live in argentina, so I will have to wait a lot for the book. This book would be great, whelcome back, sorcerer!

Where can we find who won?