What are you Playing?!

What are people playing at DragonCon 2014?


dominion 2

Paul /Jeff?: We’re playing Dominion: It’s a very classic game that’s very popular right now. There are a number of different cards, but it’s a non-collectible card game, which is nice so you don’t have to keep buying packs. The goal of the game is to build a deck out of the cards on the table, and earn victory points in your deck. There are actions, reactions, a lot of strategy because there’s a bunch of different actions and the cards all interact differently together. Every game’s different, there are 30 different options for your cards out there.

And there’s different expansions and stuff?
: There’s the base set, and probably a dozen different expansions out already. (Ed. 8 expansions, 6 promo cards) Dominion 38% off!


Galaxy Trucker!

What are you Playing?

We’re playing Galaxy Trucker. As far as I know, it’s a game where you build a ship in a crazy manner and then you go “trucking” in the galaxy. This is our first time actually playing, so we’re learning the game as we go.

Elizabeth: I think it’s fun because I love Sci-Fi and it kind’ve reminds me of the game FTL, which I really like, and I like the whole… you’re supposed to be timed, but since it’s our first time, we’re doing it at our own pace. I like the sort of hectic feeling of trying to put the ship together the right way the first time and get the components you need. I think it looks pretty cool so far and it has a lot of promise. Galaxy Trucker 43% off!



Ray: We are playing Battleship. You place out your different ships, and hope your opponent misses them. It’s basically hide and seek… with pegs.
Amanda: And the most important aspect is saying, “You sunk my battleship!” Battleship 24% off!


Blood Bowl!

Jamie/Michael/Bo: This is Blood Bowl. You play football, you kill players on the pitch, you score touchdowns, level up your players, get new skills, make them better. You can play multiple games in leagues/tournaments, football-style.
Jamie/Michael/Bo: And then you lose your best character and cry for a week.
Jamie/Michael/Bo: You lose a player and cry for weeks and never play again.

And how do you win?
Scoring the most touchdowns… or you can ignore the fact that you can win the game and just kill players for the heck of it.

Can you win from killing them?
You win from making touchdowns… but you can enjoy yourself from ruining someone’s day and make them rage quit. It’s a lot of fun. Is a miniatures game. Learn more here.

Thunderstone Advance!


Jason: Well, it’s my first time playing this, but it’s called Thunderstone Advance. It’s a hybrid deck-building game mixed with a dungeon crawler. As you go through the game, you gain heroes, weapons, spells and items that will help you defeat monsters in the dungeon. You can level up those heroes and get more powerful and eventually kill the boss monster, which will end the game, and after that, you count up all the victory points you’ve accrued during the game, and the person with the most is the winner.

Eldritch Horror!


John/Chris: This is a game called Eldritch Horror, by Fantasy Flight Games. It’s a similar game to the Arkham Horror series. As far as I can tell, the whole premise is that you go from location to location on the board, fighting off this ancient, Cthuluian-type beast to keep it from awakening to destroy, devour, things that are generally not good for anyone who’s alive. The whole purpose is to stop whatever this thing is, using your average, peon, normal Joe Schmoe people.

So it’s cooperative, then?
Yes, it is a cooperative game, 3 to 6 players, maybe 2 to 6. If it’s anything like Arkham Horror, it’s a terribly fun game to play. A long time to set the board up, but very fun once you actually get everything set up. Eldritch Horror 25% off!



Jeff/Darren/Ariana/Tristan: This game is called Burgoo. This is fairly a recent, a kickstarter game that just shipped a couple of weeks ago. This is the first chance we’ve gotten to play it. We’re all playing chefs who are making a big stew in the center of the board. There are 6 different ingredients, we each start with 2 of each and then 1 of each in the hand, and we’re trying to get rid of all our ingredients into the stew. On our turn, we can either play a thing that lets us add ingredients to the stew, which might cause other players to add theirs as well, we can split our batch into different batches, so it makes it easier for us to get, or we can draw and replace. It’s a pretty simple game, a round has taken 6-8 minutes, if that. It’s super compact, all fits in a nice baggie. I don’t know if you can buy it anywhere other than kickstarter, but I’m sure it will be coming out through the usual channels eventually.

And how do you win?
The first player to get all of his/her ingredients into the stew goes out. If two players do that at the same time, whoever has the most left in hand wins. So it’s sort of a balance, you want to be playing things out of your hand to be able to get rid of your things and do things on the table, but if you think someone else is getting ready to go out, you might want to wait and let someone else play it, so you can have more in your hand at the end.




Franklin/Michelle/Alyssa: Munchkin Guide to Power Gaming by Chez Dorkly. It’s basically Munchkin, in the real world, with fandoms. So you try to collect swag and try to get 25 points, and you have obsessions. You obsess with computer games, anime, furries, star trek, whatever, and that will actually double the number of points that you get. Get it 36% off!



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My playgroup loves Eldritch Horror! They are right though, it takes a looooong while to setup the first few times.

Burgoo looks neat, but is it only available on Kickstarter?

Crazy, seeing people play classic games like Battleship. Refreshing though. Curious what other older games people are rocking…